Sistem Diet 5-2 ~ Hikmah Sihat Pada Ibadah Puasa Hari Isnin & Khamis

In shaa Allah, i shud do this!


بِسۡـــــــــمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحۡـمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّد وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

hikmah puasa hari isnin khamis.

Pada masa ini, di dunia barat telah berkembang suatu sistem dikenali ‘Sistem Diet 5-2’. ‘Sistem Diet 5-2’ bermaksud, puasa 2 hari dan tidak berpuasa selama 5 hari. Sistem diet ini terbukti merupakan sistem diet yang berkesan untuk menjaga kesihatan dan menurunkan pengambilan kalori. Ketika kebaikan sistem diet ini baru diketahui, umat Islam telah mempunyai format diet 5-2 sejak 1400 tahun lalu melalui ibadah puasa sunat hari Isnin & Khamis yang merupakan kaedah puasa dua kali dalam seminggu.

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Funniest conversation I’ve had with my boys

Last Sunday, Saif & I were in the kitchen after feeding him chicken rice  (yes, abg Saif still manja want mama to feed him like a baby compare to adik Sufi want to feed all by himself). Well, this is how the conversation went :

Me : “…Good boy abg makan habis, tak buang nasik, macam tu la baru nasik tak nangis..”

Abg Saif : ” ..Mama, teacher pun cakap kalau tak habis nasik nanti kita bagi je la ITIK!

Me : ..a bit shocked & rasa that was very funny and ask him to repeat, bagi siapa bang?? (in case mama salah dgr ke kan)

Abg Saif : …” bagi ITIK laa makan kalau nasi tak makan habis..” (dgn muka & nada serious)

Mama : (gelak tak henti2) … kita mana ada bela itik bang..”

Abg Saif : “…Kita carik la itik tu kat kampung teacher cakap!!..”

Mama : aaaa ok2 nanti la kita balik kpg Miri cari itik…afraid he would getting angry if mama keep on gelak & mcm tak iyakan kata dia.

And next conversation plak with adik Sufi, this is cute

Last two nights, I was hanging our clothes (Oh, why do I hanged my clothes at night?? Its because I’m working during the day & I have no maid so don’t bother) haha ahhh and this is the cute little conversation with adik Sufi :

Sufi : “…Mama…Mama…Supi nak tido laa, Supi dah ngantok la mama…” (adik Sufi ada pelat skit tu yg bahasakan diri dia ‘Supi” nasib baek tak Supir ye dik?! haha)

Mama : “…kejap k syg, skit lagi baju ni mama dah abis nak jemor ..”

Sufi : “…alaa Supi dah ngantok ni ( he keeps on rubbing his eyes)

Mama : “….ya sabar kejap lagi ni..”

Sufi : ” haaaa nanti Allah marah mama tak teman Supi tido…” (muka dah nak nangis)

Mama : ” adehhh…ye la ye la jom tido..” (terpaksa la mengalah ..ahahaha)

Well, I can’t wait to continue having a chit chat & little conversation with the boys and when I wrote this I am totally missing the boys like crazy. Can’t wait to see them!

Lots of Love

Mama Saif & Sufi

Boycott Israel!!

Let us support GAZA by boycotting this lil things frm Israel!!


This is the least we can do for them…

Somebody suggested me an app on the phone called “Buycott”. It’s so easy to use, you can choose any campaign that you are interested in..

I chose this one and another campaign to boycott Israel.. You just have to scan the barcode of the product that you want to check..

Then after few seconds, you’ll get this!

Taddaaa.. and you’ll put the product back on the shelf because you are NOT buying this!! 😉

There are sooooo many products that produced / supported by Israel. The Israelis control probably 70% on the world economy!! That is probably almost half of our household product. Not many of us gets the chances to physically be in Palestine to help them, but most of us, have the purchasing power of our household!! We are the ones who does the groceries shopping! And that means…

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Main masak2 for Iftar

Alhamdulillah, today 6th of Ramadhan 1435H. Syukur2 

Just nak share citer semalam semalam as in #throwback ler. Heeee, well last Tuesday & Wednesday sempat gak la back from office cook dishes for iftar utk Mr Hubbeh. Oh and mamak sempat puasa 2 days je pastu heh kena tembak jepon daaa. 

Here’s ‘koboi’ dishes that i made. Heee



Ramadhan Al Mubarak 1435 – 2014

As Salam,

Again and again its been a while since i last updated my not so called blog. Huhuhu okay lets get straight

Alhamdulillah! Here we are in the month of  Ramadhan, the month of blessing. My lil caliphs, Sufi was born in this holy month, 26th Ramadhan 1432. May Allah always shed his blessings on him & protect him. Ameen.

Well here, I guess it was not too late to wish since we’re in 3rd of Ramadhan. would like to wish all muslims Happy Ramadhan 1435 ! May Allah accepts our good deeds & prayer. Ameen

Nah, Mama & the boys selfie before off to Majlis Tahlil & Kesyukuran cum Pre-Ramadhan at Mama’s bestie new house!



This is Mama’s bestie Ibu Saliza & Mummy Zuraini masa Pre-Ramadhan Gathering last Friday. In shaa Allah we’re planning for iftar this Ramadhan too.



The boys school trip to Pusat Sains Negara

Yesterday was Saif’s & Sufi’s school trip to Pusat Sains Negara.

Actually this is the 3rd time school trip for abg Saif  & 1st time for adik Sufi. Well mama feels a little nervous for Sufi’s perhaps but no doubt few specific worries too & argghh my emotions are all over the place sebab he’s the youngest & yes he’s the super hyper. I did pesan mcm2 to his abg Saif to look over his lil bro Sufi, ask adik not to run over the place, ask him to drink a lot of water & bla bla bla smp abg Saif ckp, eh mama ni byk ckp la nanti Saif lupa pulak. (OOppss sorry abg mama being over protective isn’t :P) 

I can’t imagine his day out without me & how’s the teacher will going to handle this little hyper..fuhh and I ask his teacher to send his pic’s & update me watever it is. (wat a kelam kabut & gelabah mama am i) huhuhu i bet all mom’s out there will feels the same too kan 

Alhamdulillah after lunch hour I rcvd pic’s & update from his teacher (well a bit less relieved). Saw his pic’s & yes Sufi’s enjoyed it so much because from the beginning dia mmg tak sabar nak naik bus sampaikan bila dah reach there teacher dia tanya teacher dia bila lagi nak ride bus. Hahahaa obviously dia mmg nak naik bus je. 

Haa some picture’s of them with other kids & teachers. Bila the boys enjoy with the school trip mama pun enjoy tgk gbr je! 😛 Oh not to forget to all teacher’s Thanks alot!! Especially to Teacher Siti & Zila for the effort & care & taking pictures of the boys. Even words cannot describe. ImageImageImageImageImage